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Test Equipment
3-in-1 Racquet Test Center    
GAMMA   3-in-1 Racquet Test Center -
The GAMMA 3in1 Racquet Test Center allows you to measure the 3 most critical characteristics of a racquet Weight, Balance and...

Racquet Balance Beam    
GAMMA   Racquet Balance Beam -
Extra wide beam accommodates all racquet types including Super Oversize racquets....

ERT 300 Tenniscomputer    
  ERT 300 Tenniscomputer -
New technology Displays current string bed stiffness dynamic tension, indicates the power and aggressiveness of play, and ale...

String Tension Tester    
GAMMA   String Tension Tester -
The STT lets you know when its time to restring. Measures relative tension loss of strings over time. Modern ergonomic desi...

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Glide - Lubricity - Tennis Channel
Glide - Lubricity - Tennis Channel
Glide Review - Tennis Now
Glide Review - Tennis Now
Glide - Lubricity at 10,000 fps
Glide - Lubricity at 10,000 fps
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Frequent Stringer Program
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