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GAMMA RZR racquets were designed to reduce drag, allowing more acceleration and speed in the natural swing. The Rounded Radius Surfaces, Tapered Bridge Beam and Low Profile Bumper allow the RZR to easily displace and channel air around the frame, regardless of the angle of attack, improving racquet head speed on every shot.

RZR 95    
GAMMA   RZR 95 -
Developed for the all court player the RZR 95 offers tremendous potential for spin on groundstrokes and serves....

RZR 98    
new   GAMMA   RZR 98 -
Built for players who like a 98 headsize but want more racquet speed....

RZR 98M    
The 98M is ideal for baseliners and doubles players needing a maneuverable racquet....

RZR 100    
new   GAMMA   RZR 100 -
The RZR 100 has all the power of the RZR 100M with added feel and speed....

RZR 100M    
GAMMA   RZR 100M -
The RZR 100M was built for players who want to punish every ball they hit from anywhere on the court....

RZR 105    
GAMMA   RZR 105 -
An excellent choice for a wide variety of players The RZR 105 offers exceptional feel without sacrificing control while makin...

RZR 110    
GAMMA   RZR 110 -
The RZR 110s lightweight frame offers the perfect blend of power, and control....

RZR Bubba 117    
GAMMA   RZR Bubba 117 -
The RZR Bubba 117 was designed with comfort and maneuverability in mind. A smaller version of the RZR Bubba 137, the 117 sq i...

RZR Bubba 137    
GAMMA   RZR Bubba 137 -
The Bubba is back The new RZR Bubba makes use of RZR Advanced Aerodynamics technology, making this the most aerodynamic and f...

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