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Our original intention was to duplicate the mixture that our customers were blending at the jobsite. When we examined the formulation that resulted from combining our NOVACOAT and NOVAFIL products, we saw that we could actually beef up this formula. Since we are dedicated to furnishing the highest quality products, we opted to make the improvement.

NOVA COMBINATION SURFACE makes applications simpler. Contractors achieve better looking courts than they were getting using other materials and they were doing it at no more material cost! In some cases, lower labor costs and less loss through wasted materials. Almost without exception, every contractor who has tried COMBINATION SURFACE has converted to this system.

This coating has a non-slip texture with a unique low abrasive feature that makes playing on a COMBINATION SURFACE surface easier on players and tennis balls. Because the aggregates used in this product are non-angular, the sharp edges found in ordinary sand are not present. This allows us to produce maximum texture with minimum abrasion. The reduction in abrasion means that the playing surfaces will not be sticky. A surface having these features is more comfortable and less tiresome than other acrylics to play on. Injuries such as shin-splints and monkey muscle problems are lessened and tennis balls and shoes last longer.

NOVACRYLIC COMBINATION SURFACE is a factory mixed blend of NOVACOAT and NOVAFIL supplied in a concentrated form so that only water need be added prior to application on asphalt or Portland cement tennis courts. This product is used both for new and recoat work.
Code Capacity Color
CNCS3-10 30 gal red
CNCS3-11 30 gal Grass Green
CNCS3-12 30 gal Nova Green
CNCS3-13 30 gal Classic Green
CNCS3-14 30 gal Sand Dune
CNCS3-15 30 gal blue
CNCS3-16 30 gal Burgundy
CNCS5-10 5 gal red
CNCS5-11 5 gal Grass Green
CNCS5-12 5 gal Nova Green
CNCS5-13 5 gal Classic Green
CNCS5-14 5 gal Sand Dune
CNCS5-15 5 gal blue
CNCS5-16 5 gal Brown
CNCS5-17 5 gal Burgundy
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