GAMMA Glide Cross String

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GAMMA Glide is a revolutionary cross string that dramatically reduces the sliding friction between strings creating spin, power and comfort.

After 5 years of development, we discovered and developed GAMMA Glide Cross String which is a string like no other that incorporates proprietary, super elastic fluorinated polymers. 

The technology put into this string is designed to reduce friction on the main strings which  provides optimal snapback during play by allowing the main strings to store energy and explode back towards their natural position when hitting the ball. This is why the GAMMA Glide Cross String permits the generation of noticeably greater power and spin.

Recommended Use:
GAMMA Glide Cross String is intended to be used as a cross string for any main / vertical string that you are using whether that be polyester, multifilament, synthetic or natural gut string.

We recommend players to add an additional 5% to 10% extra tension on Glide Cross String in comparison to the main strings to maintain a healthy balance of power and control.

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