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What Makes a Great Hitter

What do Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams have in common? They are all considered some of the greatest hitters of all time. All three have set records in the sport that many still cannot compete with. How did they become so great at the skill to achieve records and be inducted into the hall of fame? Of course, we could go into great detail about the technical skills of how to hit a baseball (and hit it well). However, there are many other aspects to review that will help you succeed as a player and hitter.

Your Bat & Bat Grip

It's important to be equipped with the correct length and weight bat that right for your body type. Without that, you will struggle to perform at your highest capability. You will also want to be sure that you are correctly holding the bat. With the proper bat grip, you will be able to have quicker bat speed, feel more relaxed, and be in a strong position at contact. Some hitters may need a bit of extra tack to create a strong bond between their hands and the bat. Bat grip is a great way to maintain tackiness for consistent play.

Always Be Coachable

We have all heard that saying that 'practice makes perfect.' You can never reach your fullest potential without learning or practicing to get better. The greatest hitters did not become the best overnight but used continuous coaching to get to where they were at by the end of their career. Today, there are various training aids, including digital swing analysis, to help you to keep working at it. If you're new to the game, attending batting practice 2-3 times per week is crucial, while many professional hitters are at batting practice 7 times per week.

Hitter Mentality

You may think that you're proficient at all the mechanicals of being a great hitter. If you're not in the right mindset, you will continue to struggle. Training your mental game is just as important as the perfect swing. Having doubts or not being in the game will affect how you play not only short term but long term, too! To gain mental toughness is to have focus, overcome adversity, and understand that it is just a game. As you continue to improve your batting game, you will learn that there are many characteristics that make someone a good hitter. Without continuous practice, technical skills, and mental toughness, many professional hitters would not be where they are at today.

By Paige Powers, Marketing & Communications Manager


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