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Best Products for Being Your Best in 2022

New year, new me. With the new year upon us, everyone is thinking of a resolution to implement on January 1. Oftentimes, resolutions are unrealistic or heavily influenced by the society around us. This year, do what is best for you. Find your passion and make a change that will genuinely make you happy.

If you want to become a better pickleball player, we have you covered. We put together some of our most popular products that can help you become the best in 2022.


First and foremost, having a great paddle is essential to becoming a better pickleball player. GAMMA has a variety of paddles to choose from in all different price ranges. If you are a beginner or looking for something more affordable check out: If you want something cutting-edge check out:

Court Equipment

While not necessary to play the game, having a variety of court equipment will definitely strengthen your game. Practicing your shots and improving your footwork will always help.
  • A portable pickleball net allows you to practice even with no available courts. This removes any excuses to not practice.
  • A target cone lets you focus on control, aiming, and returns.
  • A GAMMA speed ladder lets you work on footwork, so you are ready for those rallies that run you all around the court.

Pickleball Essentials

These items may be things that you put no thought into usually, but they can make all the difference in your game.
  • GAMMA grips are ideal if you are looking to add some tackiness, thickness, or comfort to your paddle handle.
  • The balls you have in play are also very important. You will find two different balls in the game, indoor and outdoor. Both balls are constructed according to the elements and will improve your game in that atmosphere.
We hope that these products help maximize your game this upcoming year. GO OUT AND MAKE 2022 YOUR YEAR!


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