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GAMMA Holiday Gift Guide

At GAMMA, we know how stressful the holidays can be for everyone. Finding the perfect gifts can feel nearly impossible. Since we know your pain, we created a Holiday Gift Guide to help you with your shopping. We have your pickleball, tennis, and accessory needs all covered in one spot.  

Pickleball Paddles

  • 505 - $179.99: Featuring an extended handle, this paddle is perfect for two-handed backhands. The textured elongated graphite hitting surfaces enhances your paddle with explosive power, finesse, and spin.
  • Hellbender - $149.99: This paddle in the GAMMA NeuCore line comes equipped with a huge sweet spot for playability and is designed with a large head to pull energy through your shots. The Hellbender weighs in at about 7.6 ounces and has a textured graphite hitting surface.
  • Typhoon - $149.99: This midweight paddle is designed with extra width at the top of the head, creating an oversized sweet spot that pulls energy through your shot. The textured fiberglass face gives it extra pop while promoting spin and control.
  • Legend - $119.99: Featuring a textured fiberglass face, the Legend is the perfect paddle for those power shots. This 8.0-ounce paddle is the highest in weight in the NeuCore line. This paddle comes in various colors.
  • Compass - $139.99: Finally, the Compass is an elongated paddle in the NeuCore line that features a textured graphite hitting surface. With the extra inch in length, this 7.75-ounce paddle has a balanced feel and enhanced sweet spot stretching the length of the paddle.

Tennis Must-Haves

  • Tour Ace Pre-Strung Racquet - $24.99: The Gamma Tour Ace racquet comes pre-strung and ready to go for the recreational player. Featuring a 102 square inch head, the Tour Ace offers a large sweet spot and a spin-friendly 16x19 string pattern.
  • Supreme Overgrip - $6.99: This overgrip offers excellent tackiness and absorbency! It is soft, yet durable enough to stand up to many hours of play.
  • TNT2 React Pro - $11.99: features a new proprietary low friction coating that facilitates grip with its quick snap back as the ball slides over the cross strings. An enhanced outer wrap with wear-resistant microfibers further prevents notching, providing high levels of string durability.
  • Live Wire String - $12.99: GAMMA Live Wire Technology enhances the elasticity and resiliency of the string by changing its molecular structure. These features offer a softer “cushioned feel” for exceptional power and greater control that is easy on the arm.

On Court Training

  • Portable Net - $59.99: The Portable Pickleball Net System features a 2mm braided net body with an all-weather woven oxford headband.
  • EZ Travel Cart - $149.99: This light-duty Ball hopper cart is used to easily transport your balls across the court. The EZ Travel Cart features a durable nylon ball bag that clips securely into the top of the cart.
  • Court Spots - $34.99: Gamma Court Spots are 10" flat circular disks that stay in place. Great for lessons, endurance training, and many more activities.
  • GAMMA Speed Ladder - $29.99: The GAMMA Speed Ladder is ideal for developing foot speed, quickness, balance, and coordination for all sports.

Stocking Stuffers

  • String Dampeners - $4.99: Vibration dampeners that protect young arms from harmful shock and vibration.
  • Wristbands - $4.99: Two-ply thickness, knitted extra-plush wristbands featuring the GAMMA G-Dot logo. Soft and highly absorbent for maximum comfort.
  • Photon Outdoor Pickleballs - $8.99: This ball features 40 holes that decrease the effects of wind and allow for controllable airplay. Two-piece construction gives a consistent bounce.
  • Ugly Sweater Overgrip - $6.99: This Supreme Overgrip will allow you to appropriately express your holiday spirit while adding needed tackiness and absorbency to your game.
  • Shockbuster II Vibration Dampener - $4.99: Featuring no-leak Zorbicon gel, this dampener protects against a wider range of vibration than standard silicone dampeners. The dual-tube design traps more shock and vibration than any other dampener.


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