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Meet the Instructor: Ryler DeHeart

GAMMA Pickleball Camps is committed to providing our participants with the skills they need to improve the way they play the game, no matter what their skill level may be. This is all thanks to our amazing instructors who offer a learning opportunity that is fun, engaging, and inspiring. With that being said, we wanted to introduce all of our amazing instructors to our campers. In this blog, we would love to introduce our instructor, Ryler DeHeart. Read on to learn more about Ryler and his pickleball career.

How long have you been playing pickleball?

Seriously for about a year.

Instructor Blog

How long have you been involved with the camps?

Joined the team this year.

What is your greatest pickleball memory?

Probably playing in either the US open or having a nice run with my wife recently up in NYC. I just love the fact that it’s a family affair for us and I love playing with my kids and watching them play and improve and enjoy the game. 

What paddle do you play with?


Do you prefer to play singles or doubles?

I probably prefer doubles but I like both. Singles is more of a grind but it’s good for me to get out there and battle. 

What is your favorite thing about the camps?

I love doing groups and clinics because you can help a larger group of people and also connect them with other people of their same/similar level and that’s really what it’s all about. 

What piece of advice would you have for someone who is a beginner pickleball player?

Learn the basics but then jump in and get playing. Pickleball is a sport that anyone can play and the best way to get better is by doing just that. Of course, it’s good to learn a solid foundation and how to play the right way, but there is no substitute for just getting out there and competing with players of a similar level. Also, watch higher levels and learn from better players both watching and when you get the opportunity to play with them.  

Where would be your dream location to teach a camp?

Hawaii or some other cool foreign destinations or even on a cruise ship would be really cool cause I’ve heard they have this now and we have never been on one. 

What is your favorite thing to do outside of pickleball?

Instructor Blog

I still coach and actually enjoy playing tennis.  I would say my favorite thing is spending time with my family. 


My biggest accomplishments would be in my tennis career before pickleball. I was the #1 junior in the US, #1 in college, and a national champion. I was top 200 in the world in the pros and had the amazing opportunity to play against Rafa when he was #1, 2nd rd of the US Open on center court. It was a big night match back in 2008. I'm so old.


Quick Questions:

• Cake or Pie? Cake

• Introvert or Extrovert? Depends but probably more introverted

• Coke or Pepsi? Coke

• Coffee or Tea? Both but caffeine in small doses for me

• Winter or Summer? Depends where but in Florida winter!

• Reality Shows or Documentaries? Don’t like reality tv

• Watch Sports or Play Sports? Play!


By Allie Mroczkowski, GAMMA Marketing Coordinator


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