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Pickle-lygomy: When You Just Can’t Commit

"Want to play doubles?"

It sounds like an innocent enough question, right? Wrong. For a person who typically plays singles, this question could send them into a whirlwind of worry. Who are you going to ask? Are you going to be stuck with this pickleball partner for all of eternity Faces of people you know start to swirl in your head. For a second, you dabble with the idea of playing with your significant other. For some, that would work. For others, that might end up in a silent car ride home.

That’s when you realize that you’re the type of person that needs to switch things up. You crave variety and can’t envision yourself stuck with one person in particular – at least, not on the pickleball court. In your mind, multiple players are better than one. Is that even an option in pickleball? Can you play with a different partner or is it an unspoken rule that you’re bound to the person that you pick, wed together in holy pickle-mony?

If you find yourself intrigued with the idea of playing with more than one pickleball partner, know that you have a place in the pickleball community! Just consider yourself a pickle-lygomist. Yes, you read that right: You’re a pickle-lygomist. Though it’s rooted in the word <em>polygamy</em>, pickle-lygomy is completely related to pickleball and only pickleball! Now that we’ve cleared the air, let’s discuss some of the benefits of pickle-lygomy so that you can see if this is a viable solution for your pickleball partnership problem.
<h3>Spread the Word</h3>
As part of the fastest-growing sport in America, we pickleballers are always encouraging people to pick up a paddle and start playing, no matter their age. What better way to get people involved than by inviting them to join you in a doubles match? Being a pickle-lygomist will give you the great opportunity to invite others to join in on the fun!
<h3>Become a Better Player</h3>
Just as we all have our strengths, we also have our weaknesses. If you're more of a power player, you'll likely be searching for a partner that’s a dink master who can add a touch of finesse to their shots. But sometimes, if you’re going into a match against a short-court duo, you might want to enlist another power hitter to help you keep them running for the baseline. Playing with multiple partners who have complementary strengths can help you focus on what you need for a particular match – and maybe even give you a chance to strengthen your weaknesses. Just consider them the yin to your yang – and vice versa!
<h3>Keep it Fun</h3>
One of the main benefits of being a pickle-lygomist is the fact that you have plenty of options. So if you can’t seem to sync up your schedule with one person, you can ask someone else so that you can get your time on the pickleball courts. Basically, you're more of a free spirit. You can go wherever the game takes you, with whoever is available.

Of course, you don’t have become a pickle-lygomist—there are plenty of people who mesh well with one person and one person only. The important thing is that you do what works best for YOU!

Pickleball is a sport that promotes a healthy lifestyle and, most importantly, a sense of camaraderie among community members. Pickle-lygomist or not, the most important thing you can remember to do is to Never Stop Playing!


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