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6 Years of GAMMA Glide

By Chuck Vietmeier, Director of Product Marketing |

Early in 2014, GAMMA released the revolutionary GAMMA Glide Cross String, which was all but guaranteed to take a player’s game to the next level with its enhanced spin, power and comfort. Glide is a specialized proprietary super-fluorinated polymer – in other words, it’s super slick. By decreasing friction between the cross strings and main strings, Glide creates “snap back” on contact, resulting in insane spin levels.

Spin junkies love the revolutionary GAMMA Glide 16G string. This string is specifically designed to be used as a cross string in a hybrid with any poly, synthetic or natural gut main string. The polymer material dramatically reduces sliding friction between strings. Lab comparisons showed it created 86% more lateral main string movement and 49% faster snap back, resulting in 300 RPM of additional spin. Players find access to tremendous spin in any string configuration thanks to Glide’s superior lubricity. The string also has elasticity on par with natural gut, giving it excellent power, feel and comfort. The 16 gauge diameter provides additional durability for use as a cross string in any type of hybrid.

The beauty of Glide is that it can be used with any main string you choose. Initially, GAMMA paired it with Moto polyester string, great for regular players and frequent string breakers who want power, spin and durability for all levels of players. The truth is GAMMA Glide makes any main string play better whether it’s a polyester or synthetic. To put it simply, GAMMA Glide offers players more spin when compared to a normal hybrid of a multifilament and polyester string. A player can see the ball diving down into the court on their groundstrokes and spin serves alike. Of course, as spin increases, so does consistency. Players can hit heavy balls with greater net clearance.

The power of the strings is comparable to any poly/multi hybrid. There are no problems hitting with pace. The biggest improvement really is a result from the spin; players are able to hit with maximum power and still have the confidence they need to keep the ball in play. Players are surprised that even after many hours on the court, they did not have to straighten out their strings. This is visual proof of the “snapback” Glide utilizes to create the spin.

The durability GAMMA Glide is extended due to the ease of movement over the main strings. The low friction qualities of the super elastic fluorinated polymer increases the slide of the cross strings over the polymer mains. The result is less notching and longer string life. GAMMA recommends stringing the Glide 5-10% higher than your main strings, so the setup has a crisp feel to it. Even with the higher tension, the Glide hybrid isn't near the stiffness of a full poly setup.

GAMMA Glide is sold as a cross string or in a hybrid set-up paired with the Moto polyester main strings. If you are interested in purchasing the GAMMA Glide to feel the difference it can make in your game, click here to start shopping.


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