NeuCore just got a whole lot sweeter

Hellbender NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

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The GAMMA Hellbender boasts an oversized sweet spot for playability and is designed with a large head to pull energy through your shots.

The textured graphite face enhances touch while promoting spin and control. 

Leveraging GAMMA NeuCore Technology, a 25% thicker celled core, the Hellbender provides super-responsive feel, playing quiet and soft.

Signature GAMMA Honeycomb Cushion Grip finishes the paddle to provide long-lasting comfort and tackiness.

Weight: ~ 7.6 ounces
Hitting Surface: Textured Graphite
Grip Size: 4-1/8"
Grip: GAMMA Honeycomb
Grip Length: 4-1/4"
Handle Length: 4-1/2"
Paddle Length: 16 1/8” 
Paddle Width: 7-5/8"
Paddle Thickness: 5/8”
Core Material: NeuCore Poly Core
Made in the USA

USAPA Approved for sanctioned tournament play.

NEUCORE Poly Core Paddle Construction:
NEUCORE is leading the way in pickleball paddle innovation. Drastically increased cell size and paddle core depth help to enhance predictability and responsiveness. Different paddle faces (graphite or composite) and shapes help customize your equipment to your style of play. NEUCORE paddles are perfect for all levels of play, but will be most appreciated by players at an intermediate or advanced level.

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Hellbender, order one today.

by Bill - | 11/16/2020 12:51 pm

I’ve been playing Gamma paddles for the past five years and the Hellbender is an outstanding addition to the Gamma paddle line. I’ve been playing with the Hellbender for the past two weeks, and I’m sold on it. My precious paddle of choice was the Compass. The Hellbender, in my opinion, provides much more touch and more pop than any other paddle that I’ve played with, if that’s possible. My recommendation to anyone who might be looking for a new paddle, is to give the Hellbender a try. You won’t be sorry!

Hellbender Rocks.

by Marc Stromberg - | 12/19/2020 2:24 pm

This is a great paddle. I purchased this about a month ago. I really like the feel and response from the paddle. I have let several other pickleball players try it and they all said they really like this paddle. My wife uses the Gamma Sharo. I let her try it and she loves it. looks like I will be purchasing another one once they are back in stock.

Looks Strong. Plays Strong.

by Jeff| 3/16/2021 11:04 am

This is a really smart addition to the Gamma family of Neucore paddles. At 7.6 oz, with a sweet spot expanded toward paddle tip, the balance is perfect. Touch/feel at NVZ is precise. Ability to generate pace while retaining control is part of the package.

Elevate your game

by Jim| 4/16/2021 10:22 pm

I've been interested in this paddle since the first of the year. I've been a die hard Selkirk user for 4 years. They make great paddles and have an awesome return policy. But I'm ready to try something new. Hellbender is rated one of the best touch/control paddles out there. I've outgrown the slam and smash paddles. Finesse is how you can elevate your game. This paddle suits me well. I love the squared handle. I can position the angle of my paddle without looking down. The elongated paddle gives me a bigger sweet spot higher on the paddle. This paddle is also one of the longest paddles. In a fast pace kitchen rally it means a bigger range. Many of my fellow pickleballers have tried mine and fell in love 💕💕💕.....Make the switch and you won't regret it....