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GAMMA Sports and Professional Pickleball Registry Create Partnership to Support Pickleball Education and the Continued Growth of the Sport

Pittsburgh, PA (January 29, 2024) - GAMMA Sports, a leading manufacturer of premium pickleball equipment, is excited to announce their strategic partnership with the PPR, the world’s leading pickleball certification and education organization for coaches.

This multi-year strategic partnership provides a multitude of benefits to the 7500+ PPR members and supports the continuing growth of the sport. Through this new partnership, PPR-certified members are eligible for exclusive benefits on GAMMA Sports products, including custom PPR education kits, deep discounts on demo paddles, and special access to GAMMA’s RCF paddle line. These benefits and other special offers will be available to members via a portal on the PPR website.

In addition, GAMMA is the title sponsor of the upcoming PPR Pickleball Championships to be held at the award-winning Saddlebrook resort, featuring GAMMA’s new CHUCK tournament pickleball ball.

“PPR and GAMMA’S new partnership will be a key ingredient in continued success. As PPR continues to forge a path in the Pickleball coaching world, GAMMA stands ready to provide high quality gear to support PPR’s evolving goals,” said Sarah Ansboury, Managing Director, PPR.

“We are thrilled to partner with PPR to bring the latest paddle and ball technology to its members, along with our custom GAMMA Pickleball education kits,” said Molly Boras, Executive Vice President of GAMMA Sports. "PPR’s commitment aligns perfectly with our brand mission to expand the sport and provide quality training tools to the pickleball community. We believe this collaboration will support pickleball’s growth and introduce pickleball to an even wider audience."

GAMMA Sports invites pickleball enthusiasts and sports lovers alike to visit to learn more about GAMMA Sports and their products.


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