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Five At-Home Strength Training Exercises

By Monica Paolicelli, Team GAMMA Pro |

As gyms and fitness start to open up and allow members, there are many of us that still may be apprehensive on going back. If you're looking for some ways to get active at home, you can use the following exercises to start improving your overall health and performance on the pickleball court! All you need is a small space and a set of 8 pound (or greater) dumbbells.

Lateral Lunge to Bicep Curl

40 total - 20 on each side
  • Improves mobility, balance, and stability in a side-to-side direction
  • Crucial for strengthening your outer glutes and inner thighs.

Ground to Press

30 total Benefits:
  • Full body movement focuses on explosive power from the ground upwards.
  • Leg driven, works your glutes, core, and ends with your shoulders
  • Increases cardiovascular endurance.

Push-up to Spider Crunch

20 total
  • Multi-joint, functional, body-weight exercise for improving upper body, core and leg endurance.
  • Prevents lower back pain.
  • 2 movements paired together slow your body down to focus on stability and control.
*Modification is to perform the push-up on your knees. 

Double Crunch

20 total
  • Effectively engages more core muscles than the standard crunch.
  • Targets your lower abs.
  • Strengthens hip flexors with the leg extension.

Plank Pull Through

40 total
  • Increases rotational power using your side obliques.
  • Planks improve stability in your glutes, abdominal muscles, and spine.
  • Builds isometric strength for improved posture on and off the court.
Proper form and technique are key components to any exercise routine. A consistent plan and full body focus will help you reach all of your next level fitness goals to succeed on the court.


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