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Mental Preparation before a Match

Silent your life off the court and step into the role of ATHLETE.

Preparing for a match, regardless of what sport, requires both physical AND mental readiness. Being relaxed and in the zone is crucial once you are on that court and ready to compete. To get to that state and be focused, many follow a pregame warmup.

Mentally preparing for a match can look different for everyone, but the main goal is that you step on that court feeling excited, relaxed, and confident. Mentally preparing for a game can include some or all of our suggested pregame rituals, or ones unique to you.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is something that many people neglect before a match. Quality sleep allows you to wake up in a better mood and have lowered stress. Having good sleep will help you think more clearly and focus come match time.

Focus on Breathing

Meditating or deep breathing before a match can help you focus and relieve some pre-game jitters. It is common to find yourself overwhelmed when thinking of your upcoming match, so finding a quiet place and clearing your mind can help you prepare for what is to come. In this situation, it is also extremely important that you turn that stress into positive affirmations.  

Listening to Music

Having a pre-game playlist can be very beneficial to athletes. Each athlete has their own preferences with genres and beats, but the outcome is the same. Some people may want to pump themselves up, some may want to calm down, and others may want to be inspired. Regardless, throwing in headphones can help you mentally prepare for your match.

Erase All Distractions

Removing all distractions before a match is essential to having a clear mind for game-time. Distractions can include your phone, bills, family issues, or anything that makes your mind wander. Your phone is fine to have on your person for music but enabling do not disturb can be very helpful. Once you step into the role of an athlete, you must forget everyday stressors and focus on the game.  

Have a Positive Attitude

Every athlete knows that if you go into a match with a losing attitude, nothing will play out in your favor. You must go into every match with a positive outlook and realistic expectations. Acknowledging both you and your teammate's wins is very important and will boost your confidence. It also is crucial that you remember that it is only a game. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and don’t beat yourself up over losses. Most importantly, remember to ALWAYS have fun and enjoy every moment!

By Alexandra Mroczkowski, GAMMA Marketing Coordinator


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