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Three Fitness Tips to Increase Your Game

With over 45 years in business, it's no doubt that we know tennis and pickleball. As we continue to grow, we're reaching more  athletes than just those who love racquet sports. Our goal is to provide athletes with the tools and equipment they need to grow in the sports we love. No matter what sport you play, it's important to continue to work on your game while you're not on the courts, field or where ever you may play. Check out these fitness tips to help increase your game!

Be Consistent

You don't hit that perfect shot on your first try; it involves consistent practice. If you want to notice any change when you're not at practice, you have to stay consistent in your workouts. If you're just starting out in fitness training, make sure you're incorporating a routine several days per week even if it's for short duration! And, don't forget about the weekends. Consistent exercises helps meet your fitness goals and prevent injuries.


As an athlete, you practice specific skills or drills to get better overall at your go-to sport. Whether you're spending your off days running or lifting weights, you must have variation in your training. Creating a well-rounded routine through varying exercises, intensity and/or pace will allow you to continue to succeed without getting burnt out. You won't increase your game without creating variation in your routines. In addition, your plans may need to be continually modified as you meet your goals.

Nutrition is Important

If you're playing sports or exercising regularly, it's important to make sure you're eating the right diet and staying hydrated! To achieve proper nutrition, stick to the basic food groups: fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and dairy. Note that it's crucial to have fruits and vegetables take up 50% of each meal. To stay hydrated, athletes should drink half their body weight in ounces of water and adjust on more high intensity days. These fitness tips are just the basics to help your succeed as an athlete no what your playing field may be. What are some of your tips that help to increase your game?

By Paige Powers, Marketing & Communications Manager


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