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Discover the CHUCK Pickleball: A Tribute to Passion and Performance

Written by: Paige Powers



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Meet CHUCK – the pickleball designed to bring joy and consistency to every game. Launched earlier this year, CHUCK isn’t just a ball; it’s a tribute to innovation and dedication, named after Chuck Vietmeier, a cherished member of the GAMMA team who has been with us for over 30 years. 

The Inspiration Behind CHUCK

Chuck Vietmeier saw the potential of pickleball long before it became as popular as it is today. He recognized the excitement of this sport back in 2016 and convinced GAMMA to get involved. 

To honor his vision and commitment, we created CHUCK, a pickleball that embodies his passion and is setting new standards on the court. With its 38 symmetrical holes, CHUCK ensures true flight, giving players the confidence they need with every serve and volley. 

Chuck Pickleball

Plays Well With Chuck

Engineered for Excellence

What makes CHUCK different from other pickleballs? It’s all about resilience and dependability. CHUCK is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, from hot summer days to cold winter mornings. This means no more worries about your pickleball warping or cracking – CHUCK is built to last and perform consistently, no matter the weather. You can rely on CHUCK for consistent performance year-round.

Official Ball of DUPR and NPL

CHUCK is proud to be the official ball of DUPR and NPL, highlighting its superior quality and performance. Whether you’re a competitive player or just play for fun, CHUCK is made to suit all levels of play. Its consistent flight and enhanced speed make it ideal for all skill levels.

Dependability, Consistency, and Speed

At GAMMA, we believe that the key to a great pickleball game is having a ball you can trust. Our mission with CHUCK is simple: to provide players with a ball they can depend on. CHUCK delivers on this promise with its consistent flight pattern and unmatched speed. We believe that getting to know CHUCK is getting to know the best of what pickleball has to offer. 

Get to Know CHUCK Better: The Pickleball You Can Trust

Have you tried CHUCK yet? Whether you’re playing in an official DUPR or NPL event or just having fun with friends, CHUCK is the pickleball you can trust. Join us in celebrating the legacy of Chuck Vietmeier and have more fun with your pickleball game with CHUCK.