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Get a Grip: Pickleball

By Paige Powers, Marketing Coordinator |

Do you have trouble getting a good grip on your paddle? We all know that sweat and moisture can cause a lot of problems when you’re on the courts. I’m here to talk to you today about the difference in the replacement grips and ovegrips made by GAMMA. Hopefully, by the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll know which grip is right for you!  

Replacement Grips

Let’s start with our Signature Premium Honeycomb Cushion Replacement Grip. This grip is featured on all of our paddles and is perfect to enhance your connection to your paddle. With the honeycomb perforated surface, it will help wick away moisture, while maintaining fantastic tackiness. This extra durable grip comes in a variety of different colors to match your favorite paddle 

Looking for something with increased gripping power? The Contour Grip features stitched rib and perforations to do just that! This grip also has extra cushion to provide greater feedback and control 

Like the GAMMA Honeycomb Grip, the Hi-Tech Gel Grip also features larger perforations to wick away moisture. This grip is also equipped with an extra tacky surface and Zorbicon Gel fill to provide exceptional comfort. 

However, you may be a player that prefers something extremely soft and easy to hold in your hands for hours of play. The Super Soft Grip. With the Dry Traction surface, players will see 75% more traction than a typical dry grip. This grip does not become slippery and wicks away moisture 4 times faster than non-perforated grips.  

Or, are you the type of player that wants to feel like nothing’s there? The Pro Lite Grip is perfect for you! This grip provides a secure grip while keeping your paddle light for those touch shots.  All the GAMMA replacement grips allow for stretching to make sure you have control on the thickness for your paddle.  


Since it is one of our best-selling ovegrips for tennis, we decided to bring it into the pickleball world! The Supreme Overgrip offers excellent tackiness and absorbency. It’s soft to be comfortable in your hand, yet durable enough to stand many hours of play. The original 3-packs are offered in white, black, and neon, but we also offer many different patterns as well! 

The Supreme Power Overgrip combines our popular Supreme Overgip with soft foam Power Ridges. This grip allows a player with a weak grip to have more control over the paddle while playing at a fast pace. A player with a strong grip can also benefit from this product allowing for more a relaxed grip to gain more power.   

A freshly gripped paddle should never go without some flare. Don’t forget to add a grip band to your paddle to make it more customized to your personality!  


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