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Get a Grip: Why a Pickleball Paddle Grip Matters

Let’s say you just got your dream paddle: You take it into battle with you for every match and it’s consistently serving you well. As time goes on however, you start to feel a difference and notice a couple of mis-hits. You have less control, less power and something just doesn’t feel right. What could the problem be? Chances are that the problem is your pickleball paddle grip!

A <a href="">fresh grip</a> for your paddle can make a world of difference when competing. Once your grip loses its traction and cushion, there is a higher risk of mis-hits and unforced errors. Having a strong grip on your paddle is just as important as having strong stroke mechanics – both can affect your performance. You can always work on and improve your stroke, but it’s impossible to have a good grip on the paddle if the paddle’s grip itself is worn out.

A fresh, tacky grip can bolster your pickleball game in many ways. If a grip has high traction, you’ll have a stronger hold on the handle, which will give you more power and control behind your shot. In short, the more tack your grip has, the stronger your stroke can be. If your grip has been overused and is worn out, it loses its traction and becomes slippery. This can result in a weaker grip and more mis-hits – something you definitely want to avoid!

There’s more to a paddle grip than the tackiness. Both the cushion and thickness of your grip also play an important role in your overall control and power. In fact, an old grip can be a bigger nuisance than you’d expect. GAMMA’s Super Soft Cushioned Replacement Grip is specifically manufactured to be durable and soft through hours upon hours of intense play. The last thing you want to be worried about in your match is grip discomfort – particularly when the stakes are high. That’s why GAMMA Grips are this year’s Official Grips of the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships!

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What differences do you notice in your game when you replace your grip?


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