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Help! I Need to Find a Pickleball Partner!

By Jennifer Griffin, Team GAMMA |

As we start to see more tournaments open for registration across the country, you may find yourself in a situation needing a partner. Rest assured you are not alone! As pickleball continues to explode in growth many of us want to test our skill set and compete in tournaments. If you are new to the sport or traveling to an area where you don’t know anyone you can find a partner.

The best place to start your search is with the players needing partners list that you can find on the tournament registration site. Social media, especially Facebook, is also a fantastic way to both post and search requests for partners. There are many pages within Facebook dedicated to pickleball and specifically finding partners for tournaments. Below are 3 tips to help you in your search:

It will be uncomfortable!

You must be willing to put yourself out there. You will hear no! Do not let a no discourage you. Try this mind trick; for every no you hear you are 1 step closer to hearing YES!

Be honest!

Don’t oversell your skill level or experience. Take the time to put together a self-assessment resume. This will include your athletic background, tournament experience, any recent injuries as well as your pickleball goals.


As you begin to get responses to your request for a partner, communicate with that person. Whether you are highly competitive, don’t care about winning or losing, right or left-handed, let the other person know. You are looking to create a partnership. Talk with the other person and make sure your goals as well as playing styles align.

If you are willing to put in the effort, be honest and communicate you will find partners. The great thing about pickleball is that it is a social sport. Once you begin to find partners, your pickleball circle will grow. Continue to put yourself out there, you never know when you will meet your future pickleball partner.

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