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If You Like Tennis, This is Why You'll Love Pickleball

If you grew up playing tennis and want to try out a new sport, look no further than pickleball! It’s a sport on the rise, and one that’s gaining popularity in the tennis community – and for good reason. If you’re a tennis player, here are just a few reasons why you’ll love pickleball:

The Social Game

Being involved in the competitive tennis community is fun, but the camaraderie woven deep within the pickleball community is what sets this sport apart from any other. The atmosphere at high-level tennis tournaments is different from that of pickleball tournaments. Pickleball tournaments have a much more casual, upbeat yet competitive atmosphere. Everyone involved in the sport is eager to spread its popularity, and are very warm and inviting when someone shows interest in playing. Not to say that this isn’t the case with tennis, but because pickleball is still fairly unknown, the excitement around its growth is contagious.

Pickleball is a social game because of the dimensions of the court, too. The close quarters encourage chit-chat and friendly banter during matches between opposing players. In tennis, it’s very rare to see players interacting with each other during a match, aside from making line calls. They’re simply too far apart – can you imagine the Williams sisters yelling across the court mid- rally to chat about their Friday night plans?

The Pace

Pickleball is an extremely fast-paced and exciting game. The major difference between tennis rallies and pickleball rallies is the distance between opponents. Most rallies in tennis are played from the baseline, while rallies in pickleball are called “dink rallies,” and they’re played inside the no-volley zone. To a tennis player, dink rallies are equivalent to a game of mini-tennis.

The Strategy

If you play tennis, then you’re aware of and appreciate how much strategy and mental toughness goes into the game. Pickleball is no different. Just because the court is smaller doesn’t mean it takes any less brain power to control it! Strategies in pickleball and tennis are different, but if you’re a technically trained tennis player, you’ll pick up on the strategies used in pickleball fairly quickly. Product Manager at GAMMA Sports, Chuck Vietmeier, has experience in both tennis and pickleball and understands the role strategy plays in both sports:

“Like tennis, strategy plays a big part in the game of pickleball. That is what makes it challenging and fun to play. After your first few points, you will find yourself hooked on pickleball.”

The other great thing about picking up pickleball as a tennis player is that you’re familiar with the hand-eye coordination that is required in racquet sports. That alone is a tricky thing to master, but having tennis experience gives you a huge advantage on the pickleball court. So what are you waiting for? Grab a paddle and find a partner!


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