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Level Up and Keep It Down with Librarian Foam Pickleball

The new Librarian Foam Pickleball is the perfect ball to level up your pickleball skills. With its unique foam design that works in noise-sensitive environments, you will not have to worry about how to squeeze in your practice time. The foam material of Librarian gives you the flexibility to practice in new places whenever it works for your schedule.

Librarian is able to minimize noise thanks to its soft, foam material. In addition to keeping the noise to a minimum, there are other perks to practicing with a foam pickleball. You can practice any place, at any time.

  • Practice indoors: On those days the weather just isn’t cooperating, you can still hone your pickleball skills indoors. The soft surface of the Librarian pickleball allows you to practice your serve indoors, against a wall or the floor without the risk of damage that could be caused by plastic.
  • Practice outdoors at home: Librarian is perfect for when you are looking to practice pickleball but don’t have time to visit your local court or gym. The foam ball can bounce off your garage or house with ease and does not generate too much noise for your neighbors or HOA. In fact, Librarian only gives off about 60dBAs of noise, which is about the volume of a normal conversation.
  • Practice on the go: Keep the lightweight foam ball in your bag for some extra pickleball time while you are out and about, or even on your lunch break.

With all of the extra practice you will get thanks to Librarian Foam Pickleball, you will improve your skills in no time. And don’t worry – your new skills will translate seamlessly when using a traditional pickleball. This is because we designed Librarian to mimic a traditional pickleball. The foam ball features the same weight, diameter, and bright yellow color that you’re used to and even has the same bounce you already love. You will enjoy the same reliability as a standard Gamma pickleball without the loud noise.

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