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Librarian Is the HOA-Friendly Pickleball You’ve Been Waiting For

If you are part of a Homeowners Association (HOA) you will know that noise ordinances are commonly enforced. Having to limit your time on the court because of your HOA can be incredibly frustrating. Nobody wants to cut their game of pickleball short because of a noise complaint, especially in the middle of some serious playing time. While noise regulations are probably not something you need to worry about most of the time, they can easily become a factor while enjoying pickleball. As pickleball players, we love that “pop” you hear when hitting a pickleball, but the same might not be said for your neighbors or your Homeowners Association.

So, how do you keep your neighbors and HOA happy while enjoying the sport you love? At Gamma Sports, we’re thrilled to introduce the Librarian Foam Pickleball as the perfect solution. The Librarian Foam Pickleball is a friendly pickleball for use in any community. The best part? You will not have to sacrifice the quality of your game because Librarian is designed to mimic a traditional pickleball. It features the exact same weight and diameter as your favorite traditional pickleball and comes in the bright yellow color you’re used to eyeing on the court.

The Librarian Foam Pickleball limits noise with its one-of-a-kind foam material so that when your paddle hits the pickleball, the sound will only be about as loud a regular conversation at 60 dBAs. That’s a big improvement over the noise projected by a traditional pickleball hit and will surely keep your HOA at bay. You can look forward to fitting more pickleball into your life by playing earlier in the mornings or later in the evenings without the worry of your time being cut short. The Librarian Foam Pickleball offers the quality you already know and love, without the loud noise and just in time for summer weather. Give it a try today – your neighbors and HOA will thank you for giving #QuietPickleball a try.

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