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Librarian is the Pickleball You Can Take Anywhere


With the new Librarian Foam Pickleball from Gamma Sports, you can play pickleball anywhere, anytime without having to worry about making too much noise. You might be wondering how that is possible. After all, pickleball is known for being a very fun, but very loud, activity. Thanks to its unique foam material, a hit with the Librarian Foam Pickleball is only about as loud as a regular conversation. You can explore pickleball anywhere life takes you.

You might be wondering if a foam pickleball will compromise your game. We developed Librarian to mimic the traditional pickleball that you already love. The foam ball is designed to be the same weight and diameter as a traditional pickleball. Most importantly, Librarian gives the same true bounce you are used to. It’s a remarkable solution for quiet play that will allow you to continue developing your pickleball skills anywhere that suits you.

So, where will your #QuietPickleball take you? Here are some of our favorite ideas:


1. Explore pickleball in your own backyard.

There’s no place like home to practice your pickleball skills, without disturbing your neighbors or worrying about your HOA.


2. Take your pickleball to the beach.

Headed on vacation this summer? You won’t even feel your Librarian Foam Pickleball and favorite lightweight paddle in your carry-on. If you need a new travel bag this summer, check out our selection of versatile and travel-friendly bags.

Gamma Tour Tote Bag in off-white
3. Get your game on at your favorite gym.

Librarian lets everyone focus on their workout in noise-sensitive environments.


4. Your favorite pickleball court is calling your name.

With Librarians foam material and bright yellow color, you can fit pickleball into your schedule. Whether you’re squeezing in some early morning pickleball practice, or need to hit the court after work, you won’t have to worry about your time being cut short due to noise.


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