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The Science of Silence: Introducing the Librarian Foam Pickleball

While we know and love that distinctive “pop” heard on the pickleball court, we understand that it can be inconvenient or cumbersome in your communities. Some pickleball enthusiasts have even faced noise ordinances and restrictions in their neighborhoods, HOA communities, or at local parks. We know you have busy lives and strive to fit pickleball into the schedule wherever and whenever you can. So, how do you keep playing the sport you love, on your favorite court AND when it fits your schedule?

We created a community-friendly, noise-free solution! We are thrilled to introduce the Librarian Foam Pickleball, the ultimate choice for quiet play. Whether you’re an experienced pickleball player or new to the sport, the Librarian Foam Pickleball delivers a reliable and enjoyable playing experience anywhere you want. The best part? The Librarian Foam Pickleball delivers only 60dBA of sound, the same level as a normal conversation.

The Science of Silence

Designed with performance in mind, the Librarian Foam Pickleball will not take away for your game. It offers a true bounce, mimicking the performance of a traditional pickleball (without all of the noise). In fact, Librarian sports the same diameter and weight as your favorite traditional pickleball. It comes in a bright yellow color that you won’t lose sight of on the court, while staying quiet enough to impress your favorite librarian, HOA, or next-door neighbor. The Librarian Foam Pickleball is suitable for all temperatures and court surfaces. Wherever you need a noise-free pickleball solution, Librarian has you covered.

Pickleball will always be a collaborative, energetic sport and with the new Librarian Foam Pickleball, you can love your neighbors without interrupting your game. Shop for yours here to take your pickleball game anywhere, anytime.

Don’t forget to show us how you stay focused and noise-free playing #QuietPickleball on social media.


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