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Introducing: TNT2 Fat Core XL

By Chuck Vietmeier, Director of Product Marketing 

Gamma TNT tennis strings in three variations 

GAMMA TNT strings have been a staple in the most tennis pro shops throughout the country for the last 25 years. Invented by Dr. Harry Ferrari the founder of GAMMA Sports, TNT strings changed the way recreational and tournament players looked at their strings. These players found out that there was a benefit in having a premium synthetic at a reasonable cost.

The patented TNT process that Dr. Ferrari created changed the molecular makeup of nylon strings. The TNT process made these man-made materials play closer to the sport’s top string at the time, natural gut. Natural gut strings offered players greater touch, more power and a nice comfortable feel. However, natural gut strings were and still are very expensive. Many players could not afford these stings, especially tournament players. The TNT process bridged the gap between man-made synthetic strings and natural gut at an affordable price.

I was fortunate in that I got to work with Dr. Ferrari during his development of TNT strings. Over many months, he would give me samples to test and evaluate, and throughout the whole process I could tell he was on to something big! The samples just offered so much more than the typical synthetics I was using. I experienced more power with less effort in my swing. My arm felt less fatigued after my practice sessions with my top junior players. The recreational players that I had test the string found that they would have more pop on the ball despite their shorter slower swings. Tournament players experienced greater power and feel that lifted their game to the next level.

25 years later, GAMMA is still using the TNT process to enhance the performance of their premium synthetic strings.

Our newest TNT string: GAMMA TNT2 Fat Core XL features a high tenacity center core that is 15% larger than the original TNT. The larger core enhances string strength while the new wear-resistant microfibers are added to the outer wrap to resist notching, providing greater levels of string movement during play. When paired with the patented GAMMA TNT2 process, this string design and construction provides durability and long lasting performance. With the added wear-resistant fibers in the outer wrap, Fat Core XL is a perfect cross string for hybrid stringing. The notching caused by the polyester main strings will be reduced significantly thus increasing the life of the strings.

GAMMA TNT2 Fat Core XL is another great string in the long line of premium synthetic strings developed by the research team at GAMMA Sports. A player must always remember it is the strings that is the contact point between the ball and you. Therefore, you may want to ask yourself shouldn’t I be playing with a premium synthetic?


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