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Preventing Tennis Injuries to Stay Active All Year Round

pre·vent: to keep from happening or existing

We get it, injuries are something that cannot always be avoided while playing sports. If you are an avid tennis player, more than likely you have or will encounter a tennis-related injury.  

That in mind, athletes must know the simple things they can do to aid in preventing injuries. Regardless of your skill level and court time, injuries can happen and it is crucial to be informed of these prevention tips.  

Correct Equipment

Having the correct equipment is something that many overlook, specifically beginner players. Having the correct racket size, weight, grip, and string tension are extremely important to your game and your wrist and arm strength. Using the wrong racket equipment can result in strained tendons, inflammation, and many other game-hindering injuries.  

Correct Gear

Your appearance is more than a cute outfit and colorful shoes. Tennis is all about speed and quickly changing direction, meaning that ankle injuries are very common. This is where good shoes and socks come into play. You always want to have padded socks, shoes with good support, and maybe even an ankle brace to help prevent sprains.  

Proper Warm-up

No matter how excited you are to play on that court, make sure you have properly warmed up. Just setting aside 5 – 10 minutes can make a tremendous difference in performance and injury prevention. Cold muscles are much more prone to injury, so those few minutes will benefit you greatly.

Injuries are never 100% preventable, but following these simple steps will certainly lower your chances of getting hurt on the tennis court. 


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