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So, You’re Thinking of Buying a Stringing Machine?

By Chuck Vietmeier, Director of Product Marketing |

There’s many different stringing machines on the marketing, and sometime it can be difficult to tell which one is right for you. Maybe you’re just getting into stringing racquets, or you’re in the market for a new machine. GAMMA Sports wants to help make sure you’re finding the machine that is perfect for you. Below are five important factors to consider when purchases a new machine:


Sure, everyone would like to have the high end electric machine with all the best bells and whistles but at the high cost it may not fit your budget. Great stringers can create top string jobs using less expensive stringing machines. Find the best stringing machine that fits your budget and your needs.

Table-top or Stand-up Machine?

Things to consider when choosing one of the two types available. Is this for a tennis shop? Do you want the stringing machine to be the focal point of the shop? How big is the space where you will be stringing racquets? Will you be traveling with the machine to tournaments? These are all important questions when choosing either a table-top or stand-up machine. Some machine models can be used either way.


There are three types of tensioning methods used for string racquets. These are drop weight which is the method most commonly used with table top machines. The other two types include hand crank (lockout- the machine locks out once the desire tensioned is met after cranking the tension head back while pulling the string) and electric (constant pull- The string is constantly being pulled to the desired tension and then continues to pull as the string stretches to maintain tension until the string is clamped). All three can produce top notch string jobs when used correctly. Drop weight machines are less user friendly but the low-price point makes these machines more desirable to those just starting out.

Mounting Systems

Stringing machines have two main types of mounting systems. This includes 2-point and 6-point mounting systems. Each point represents the area where the machine contacts the racquet while securing it in place to be strung. The real benefit of the 6-point mounting system is that offers more stability and prevents racquet distortion. The 2-point machine has two contact points for faster mounting and less obstacles for the string to get caught on while stringing.


There are two different types of clamping systems used in the market today. These are the flying clamp that are not attached to the machine. Flying clamps use one string to hold tension onto another string. Note this type of clamping system is less consistent but the lower price makes it attractive. Fixed clamps that swivel and are very maneuverable and offer a much larger range of motion. The large range of motion can be very helpful when doing a lot racquets with varying string patterns. These clamps are fixed to the machine so there is less chance of the clamp slipping. For the extra money fixed clamps is an option to consider when doing a higher volume of stringing.


Some other things to consider when purchasing a machine are:

  • Customer Service – who can you call for advice or help when your machine needs service.
  • Volume – more expensive machines have options that can save time and help you meet customer demand.


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