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The Top 5 GAMMA Strings You Need to Try

Many tennis players seeking to improve their games and find the right gear for them focus primarily on finding the best racquet for them. While racquets are crucial to elevating and sustaining your highest level on the court, many recreational and competitive college players alike overlook the massive importance of also finding the best strings for them. As the strings are what make contact with the ball, they have a huge influence on the overall performance of your racquet. Here are five GAMMA strings that every player wanting to find the best strings for them need to try today. 

TNT2 Natural 16

Not your average synthetic gut string. Players seeking great feel, comfort, and power from their string bed will not regret giving this string a shot. Gamma TNT processing brings life to this string, where any comparable synthetic gut on the market feels dead in comparison. Using a 16 gauge string adds durability and control to the string bed. Try the natural color for the cleanest feel.  

Moto Lime 17/16

This colorful heptagonal polyester string offers unmatched control, spin, feel, and surprising power and comfort. A great all-around performance string for players familiar with the advantages of polyester. This string also performs exceptionally in a hybrid (mains or crosses). Do yourself a favor and try this string in the lime color, something about the dye gives it some extra life. Both 16 and 17 gauge options feel great, opt for 17 for more power or 16 for more control.  

TNT2 React Pro 16

Spin, spin, spin!! This string is an ideal cross string for players wanting a big boost in their RPMs. The low friction coating on the TNT2 React Pro gives this string an exceptional snapback, adding even more performance to the TNT line known for high playability.

Ocho Silver 17

This premium polyester is the string of choice for British No. 1, Daniel Evans. Ocho brings control to the next level and offers a vicious spin from its 8 sided construction. You will not find a polyester that offers a crisper feel. When the ball finds the sweet spot, Ocho can turn any player into a sharpshooter on the court. Be sure to lower your tension by 2-4 lbs, even for players used to polyester.

Professional Spin 16

The Professional Spin is a premium multifilament string with the same internal construction as GAMMA Professional with an added outer fiber wrap for additional texture and more spin. Professional Spin is about the closest feeling multifilament string to natural gut available on the market today. It offers unmatched power and feel, with the additional texture adding spin and control to your game. Extreme comfort and soft feel make this a great option for players who have struggled with tennis elbow.  

By Ewan Malenfant, Stringing Machine Service Technician


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