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What’s the Difference in GAMMA Tennis Balls?

By Paige Powers, Marketing Coordinator |

Whether you’re teaching the game or practicing the sport, it’s important to use the right tennis balls while playing. GAMMA Sports offers a variety of different tennis balls to help increase your performance. From foam to pressureless, you will find something that works for you!

Training and Kids Tennis Balls

As an adult beginner or a child starting their first sport, the Quick Kids balls is equipped with two-tone felt to learn and practice spin. Quick Kids tennis balls are all USTA-approved for 10 and Under Tennis and can be used for Tennis 10’s format. The Quick Kids 78 (green) is ideal for a 78′ court and is 25% slower than a standard tennis ball.

Quick Kids Training Tennis Balls

The Quick Kids is also available in 60 (orange) for a 60′ court and is 50% slower than a standard tennis ball; as wells as 36 (red) ideal for a 36′ court and is 75% slower than a normal ball. All Quick Kids balls are available in quantities of 12, 48, and 60. Both the Quick Kids 78 and 60 are available for tournament play as well.

GAMMA also offers two types of foam tennis balls: Revolution Ball and Quick Kids 36 Foam. Both of these are great for training or teaching very young children. The Revolution Ball is USTA-approved for 10 and Under Tennis and is 75% slower than a standard ball. While the Quick Kids 36 Foam is very similar to the Revolution, it does bounce much lower – making it ideal for young ones.

Practice Tennis Balls

GAMMA Pressure Ball Colors

We’re not done yet! GAMMA Sports has a full-line of pressureless balls to help improve your game during practice. The best thing about these balls? They never lose their bounce! The Pressureless Tennis Balls comes in the standard color, and a variety of other colors include blue, orange, pink and more. These balls are available in a bag of 12, bucket of 48, or a bag of 60.

Looking to browse all of the options? Click here to view all of the GAMMA tennis balls!


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