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Indoor Two-Tone Training Pickleballs


Pack: Dozen


Bright Dual Colors

26 Precision Molded Holes

ULTRA Balanced Two-Piece Construction


Learn how to perfect your pickleball spin with GAMMA's Two-Tone Indoor Training Pickleballs. Visualizing spin - when and how it occurs - helps players of all levels learn the art of putting spin on a pickleball. The ultra-balanced two-piece construction and 26 precision-molded holes create a consistent, stable, and accurate ball flight. The bright dual colors make the ball easier to see against neutral indoor backdrops or various court surfaces. Take the guesswork out of learning how to perform a perfect pickleball topspin, backspin, sidespin, or combo spin shot. Great for training and recreational play.


Bright Dual Colors help visualize spin in any outdoor environment 

26 Precision Molded Holes create consistent, stable and accurate ball flight 

Ultra-Balanced 2-Piece Construction provides a true consistent bounce on all types of outdoor surfaces