Pickleball Supreme Overgrip


Color: White


Official Grip of US Pickleball Open

Extra Tacky Surface

Moisture Absorbent


Our most popular overgrip, GAMMA Supreme, is extremely tacky and absorbent. It will soak up sweat produced by hard pickleball games, leaving you with a pickleball paddle that is exceedingly easy to handle. The tacky surface only makes it easier to have a good hold on your paddle.

Extra tacky grip surface ensures a firmer hand-to-paddle connection. The soft foam ridges add cushion and absorbency for greater feedback and ball return An easy and fun way to add style to your paddle.


Grip Length: 31 inches

Thickness: 0.0023 inches

Width: 1.06 inches

Surface: Extra tacky

Grip Class: Tacky

Quantities: 3 per package

Colors: White, Black, Neon Assorted