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GAMMA 6900 ELS 6pt



Rotational String Gripper

Self-Centering Adjustment

Quick Action Swivel Clamps


With a foot pedal for "hands-free" operation, the GAMMA 6900 6-Point has a quick locking suspension mounting system with a digital control panel. This stringing machine is electronically controlled with a constant pull tensioning system, providing a more precise tension control from 11.0 to 90.0 pounds. The GAMMA 6900 ELS 6-Point includes universal string clamps with a diamond coating to use for both badminton and tennis. The purchase of this machine also includes tool set, custom machine cover and 5 year warranty

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Tension Setting by Keypad: For convenient +/- keys

9 Programmable Permanent Memory Tension Settings

Knot Function: Increases tension on final pull before tie-off

Lbs/Kgs Conversion Key

Speed Function: Sets the speed for fast, medium, or slow pulls

Pre-Stretch Function: For 10% or 20% pull over tension

Test Function: Performs an internal diagnostic check

String Length Measurement Function