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Progression II ELS

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Digital Control, Swift Clamping, 6-point Mount

Quick Action Swivel Clamp Bases

Slim Profile String Clamps


The GAMMA Progression II ELS features an electronic, constant pull tensioner with a digital control panel for complete user control. It also comes with quick action swivel clamps and a 6-point quick-mount system.

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Rotational Tension Head with 9 Memory Settings: The machine features a rotational tension head that can store up to 9 tension settings in its memory, allowing for quick and easy adjustments between different racquets and string types.

Tension Range 11-90 lbs: This wide tension range accommodates various string types and tensions, providing versatility for stringing different racquets used in tennis, badminton, squash, and other racquet sports.

6pt A220 Mounting System: The 6-point A220 mounting system offers secure and stable racquet mounting, minimizing movement during the stringing process and accommodating different racquet sizes and shapes.

Compatible with MPXFS00 & MPXF400 Floor Stands: The machine can be used as a tabletop unit or mounted on MPXFS00 and MPXF400 floor stands for additional stability and height.

MQAC Clamp Bases & MFASC String Clamps: Equipped with MQAC clamp bases and MFASC string clamps, the machine provides secure and adjustable clamping for various string types, ensuring a smooth and efficient stringing process.