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Progression ST II



Linear String Gripper

Quick Action Swivel Clamp Bases

Slim Profile String Clamps


The GAMMA Progression ST II is a tabletop stringing machine with a manual spring tension winder. This stringing machine is equipped with a 6-point quick mounting system and a quick swivel action clamp base. The slim profile string clamps will hold strings in place with less clamping pressure.

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Tabletop Spring Tension Machine:
A compact and efficient device designed for tabletop use, this machine utilizes a spring tension mechanism to accurately apply tension to racquet strings during the stringing process.

360 Degree Turntable Rotation & Turntable Brake:
The turntable offers full 360-degree rotation, allowing for easy access to all areas of the racquet. The integrated turntable brake provides stability during the stringing process, ensuring precision and consistency.

A200 Mounting System:
The A200 mounting system provides secure and stable support for racquets, facilitating accurate and reliable string installation. This system is designed to accommodate a variety of racquet types and sizes.

MQAC Clamp Bases & MDCSC String Clamps:
With MQAC clamp bases and MDCSC string clamps, the machine offers adjustable and secure gripping for different string types. These components are designed for durability and ease of use, supporting efficient stringing operations.

Compatible with MPXFS00 and MPXF400 Floor Stands:
For users who prefer a freestanding unit, this tabletop machine is compatible with MPXFS00 and MPXF400 floor stands. This compatibility allows for flexible setup options to suit different workspace requirements.

Includes Tools and Practice String:
The machine is supplied with a set of essential tools and practice string, enabling users to start stringing immediately. These additions make the package suitable for both novice and experienced stringers.

Warranty Information:
While the warranty details are not specified in the provided information, it's advisable to check with the manufacturer or supplier for warranty terms and conditions applicable to this machine.