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How to
Choose A Pickleball Paddle


Find the best for your game with the help of our paddle buying guide. Learn about paddle constructions, materials, and shapes so you can make the best choice to suit your playing style.

At the end of our guide is a full breakdown of GAMMA’s Neucore, Poly Sensacore, and Introductory Paddle lineups.

Factors to Guide Your Choice


The Right Fit


To choose the right pickleball paddle, think about the areas of your game where a slight improvement could lead to better results on the court. Skilled pickleball players may want to focus on finesse shots at the net. Better dinks, angles, and overall better ball placement could be the key to consistently winning the close games. The power player may be looking for a heavier paddle for the added mass to generate more power to put more shots away, especially on those big points.

If you are a beginner or looking to play recreational pickleball, your primary concern is probably getting a good paddle that your game can grow into as you skill improves over time.

The Options


From weight to shape, the elements that make up a pickleball paddle have a dramatic impact on your performance. That is why its essential to choose a paddle that suits your skill level and the overall type of game you play. Whether you are looking for more power or better control on finesse shots, GAMMA pickleball has the paddle for you.

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Finding the Right Fit




Weight influences how a paddle feels when you pick it up and swing it on the court. Pickleball paddles range from six ounces to 10 ounces. The most popular paddle weights are between 7.6 – 8.0 ounces. An exact weight measurement is not necessary, it all depends on how it feels for you.

A heavier paddle will help you to drive the ball, but offers less control of the ball. Players with a tennis background may feel more comfortable with heavier paddles. More weight can be added with Gamma Lead Tape or bulking up the grip.

A lighter paddle is the best choice for players who wish to play a pure control, touch feel game, spending most of their time at the net. However, a lighter a paddle requires more energy and momentum to swing, so not the best choice for those with arm problems.



All GAMMA paddles feature a polymer core. It is laid out in a honeycomb pattern like all core options, but it is made of a plastic blend. Polymer is the softest core option and therefore also the quietest, which is what makes it popular among communities with noise restrictions. The softness of polymer also means that the ball spends a lot of time on the paddle, giving you excellent control over shot placement.

Gamma offers two main core types, NeuCore and Sensa PolyCore. NeuCore is slightly thicker than PolyCore and has larger cells. NeuCore is quieter and provides more control and power. Sensa PolyCore has a bit more pop and is a good choice for heavy hitters who carry power in their swing.

Paddle Face


GAMMA Pickleball paddles are designed with either a graphite or fiberglass (composite) paddle face. Fiberglass paddles often weigh a little more than graphite paddles. Since they are a little heavier than graphite paddles, fiberglass paddles are considered to have more power. Whereas, graphite paddles are considered to have more control and finesse.

Both graphite and fiberglass paddles are lightweight, durable and strong. Choosing a paddle face is dependant on your style of play and preference.



GAMMA paddles come in all sorts of shapes. Beginners or players without racquet sport experience may want to start with the classic standard paddle shape, rounded paddles or widebody paddles that will provide plenty of surface area and will be more forgiving of mishits. Advanced players who have found their style and learned more about their preferences may choose shapes like narrow blade paddles or teardrop paddles.

Grip Length


Grip length is important for some players and isn’t a factor for others. If you are a player who likes to hit your backhand with two hands on the paddle, you’ll likely want a long grip length. Shorter lengths won’t fit both hands. The two-handed backhand is especially popular among former tennis players. If you don’t require a long handle, handle length shouldn’t be a major factor in your selection process.

The Anatomy of a Pickleball Paddle


NeuCore vs Sensa PolyCore


GAMMA Paddle Lines