Aye Unnoppet

Before starting her pickleball journey, Aye Unnoppet was occupied with working and fishing. These days, she works less and has fully embraced pickleball. 

Aye began playing pickleball in 2019, and her passion for the sport has led to several significant accomplishments: 

  • Playing on center court multiple times at the US Open with Chris Karges and facing Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner 
  • Challenging Jennifer Dawson to three games in the finals of the inaugural APP NYC Open, securing a silver medal 
  • Encouraging her two brother to play pickleball, which greatly improved their health and brought them closer together 

Aye currently resides in Birmingham, AL. When she’s not on the courts, she enjoys renovating her house and spending time with her two lovely pups, Niko and Allie.

You can follow Aye’s pickleball journey on her social media: @stronggirl.co

Fun Facts 

Dominant Hand: Right-handed for pickleball, left-handed for everything else 

Favorite Shot: High backhand volley slap 

Favorite Breakfast Food: Egg bits with truffle hot sauce