Davon Martin

Before discovering pickleball, Davon Martin was playing basketball. His transition to pickleball began when he was asked to leave the basketball court so it could be set up for pickleball.  

Davon started playing pickleball around 2007, and his dedication has led to several significant accomplishments: 

  • Learning a topspin forehand (it took six months) 
  • Developing a backhand drive 
  • Teaching his 11 year old son how to play the game 

Davon currently resides in Lafayette, LA. When he’s not on the court, he enjoys working on his car, cutting the grass, doing homework, and spending time with his son and daughter.

Fun Facts: 

Dominant Hand: Right 

Favorite Shot: Forehand drive 

Favorite Breakfast Food: Cheesecake pancakes from IHOP.