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EZ Travel Cart™ PRO XD 250

Color: Black
Style: XD


Quickly Compresses For Easy Storage

New and Improved Wheel Assembly

Patented Cross Brace Support


GAMMA EZ Travel Cart™ PRO XD 250 is a light duty cart designed to roll on
tennis courts, pickleball courts and other smooth surfaces.
The EZ Travel Cart™ PRO XD 250 is much larger than the EZ Travel Cart™ 150
as it is designed to carry 250 balls.
This fantastic product features the same durable nylon ball bag that clips
securely into the top of the cart, a patented cross brace support under the
ball bag and durable swivel rubber wheels (two locking wheels).
The EZ Travel Cart™ PRO compresses and stores in its own carrying case in
under 15 seconds- from car to court in a flash!


Ball Capacity: 250 Tennis Balls/ 180 Pickleballs

Height: 35.5 inches

Width: 24 x 24 inches

Misc: Carrying Bag Included