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GAMMA Kid's Pickleball Paddle




Youth-Friendly Design

Enhanced Playability

Durable and High-Quality Materials


Designed specifically for youth players, the GAMMA Junior Galaxy paddle is made with your young star in mind. A thin grip at 4-1/8" and short handle at 4 1/2", the Galaxy will be easy to hold no matter the age of player. Along with a Textured Graphite Face, this paddle will provide the feel of the highest quality pickleball paddle, but with benefits fitting younger players. A standard pickleball paddle shape with a large face for an enhanced sweet spot. A lightweight paddle gives a player power and performance.


Average Weight: 7.0 oz.

Core Material: NeuCore Polypropylene

Paddle Surface: Textured Graphite

Paddle Thickness: 16 mm/5/8"

Paddle Length: 14-5/8"

Paddle Width: 7-1/4"

Handle Length: 4-1/2"

Grip Size: 4-1/8"

Grip: GAMMA Honeycomb


Product information

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GAMMA Kid's Pickleball Paddle