Progression II 602



Diamond-Coated Rotational Ratchet Gripper

Two Composite Floating Clamps

360-Degree Turntable Rotation


The GAMMA Progression II 602 is a tabletop machine with a drop weight mechanism. This stringing machine is equipped with a 6-point quick mount system with V mounts and two composite floating clamps.

Owner's Manual


6-Point A200 Mounting System: Ensures a secure and stable racquet mounting, minimizing racquet movement during the stringing process for accurate and consistent results.

Composite Floating String Clamps: These adjustable clamps provide secure string tension and accommodate various string types without causing damage.

360-Degree Turntable Rotation: Facilitates easy access to all areas of the racquet during stringing, allowing for a more efficient and comfortable workflow.

Compatibility with MPXFS00 and MPXF400 Floor Stands: The machine can be mounted on these specific floor stands for increased stability and optimal working height.

Limited 5-Year Warranty: This warranty covers the machine for five years, ensuring its durability and reliability for long-term use.

Included Extras: The package includes necessary tools and practice string to help you start your stringing projects without delay.