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Jumpstart January with these Pickleball Resolutions

As we near the end of 2020, a year we will never forget, it’s important to focus on the future as best we can. Starting 2021 gives us  a chance to start new and reset our current goals and opportunities. With that being said, here are some fun, pickleball-related New Years Resolutions:

Work on That One Something

So often we get complacent with our pickleball games and we resort to the same old shots and tactics as always. Try to make some time to work on that one shot that you know you could have been drilling but just didn’t make the time for. Maybe it’s your midcoast reset, or your forehand dink, or even your serve and serve return. Work it out in your schedule to grab a buddy and just go do it! It definitely can’t hurt. 

Play Somewhere New: 

Albeit COVID-19 is of course still a factor, but if you feel comfortable, try to explore some new places to play pickleball. Whether it’s a scenic, vacation destination to spend some time in before or after an upcoming tournament, or just a quick drive to the new courts in the city next door, go for it! This sport that we love is growing rapidly in the US, and your next trip could even contain a fun Never Stop Playing Pickleball Camp!

Prioritize Health!

While so many of us play pickleball for it’s many benefits, one of the top one’s for most is certainly the health factor. So many people have lost weight and trimmed down just by adding some weekly pickleball into their routine. While this is great, we can always add to that with some extra pre-match stretches, routines and workouts! As seen here by Monica, Team GAMMA pro, there are so many different workouts we can throw in to help build strength for those long tournament days.

Set Yourself a 2021 Goal

Aaron and some of his pickleball friends
It’s no secret that most New Years resolutions get abandoned fairly early into the year, but it’s still so important to set some goals for yourself. Some ideas of fun, pickleball-related goals are: drill twice a week, play more tournaments, take a clinic/camp, build more pickleball friendships, etc. It’s always good to spend some time thinking about something you’d like to achieve and then put the work into doing it, no matter what that goal is. I sure would love to set aside some more time to drill before I compete in tournaments!

Loosen Up and Enjoy your Pickleball!

While we get caught up in pickleball competition and transforming our games, remember what you’re doing: playing pickleball! Millions have fallen head over heels in love with this game because it’s fun, social and gives us something to look forward to. No matter what's going on in your pickleball circle, make an effort to take a deep breath and enjoy what you’re doing because it’s just too fun of a game to not take it in and share with your friends and loved ones. 

By Aaron Donofrio, Team GAMMA Pro


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