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Pickleball - Not Just for Fun!

By Daria Stakiw, Team GAMMA Brand Ambassador |

New Research is showing that pickleball is not only ridiculously fun, but can also improve your overall health. Research by the Western Colorado University showed that playing pickleball for only one hour, just three times a week can decrease blood pressure and improve overall cardiorespiratory fitness. Research findings published in the International Journal of Research in Exercise Physiology, said the game’s “moderate exercise intensity,” combined with its “fun factor,” supports it “as an ideal alternative form of physical activity.”

But – pickleball is not only good for our bodies, but also for our mental health. Research shows playing racquet sports may ward off depression as well as improve fitness, according to two new studies on the game’s health benefits.

Recently pickleball has also been shown effective treatment for patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Pickleball combines hand and eye coordination with simple movements that help patients manage their symptoms better. Exercise has long been associated as a vital part of Parkinson’s management.

A new Japanese study published in the journal Leisure Studies in May focused on 153 older adults competing in pickleball tournaments and found that the activity was associated with lower levels of depression. Researchers surmised that the benefit may be related to, among other things, social connections made during the games.

And of course pickleball is also able to help with following:

  • Strengthen muscles.
  • Reduces stress levels.
  • Helps maintain healthy weight.
  • Enhances brain function.

Pickleball can burn between 400-1200 calories an hour depending on the intensity of the game. Due to the ever changing pace of the game and the player’s skill level, it is sure to keep you motived and your fitness goals on track!


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