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Pickleball Safety Tips

In an intense game, weather and even your surroundings can be concerns for safety while you’re playing pickleball. It’s typically an easy and fun game, but with anything, you should always be prepared if things go bad! In this blog, we’re going to provide you with a few safety tips for the game of pickleball.

Know Your Limits

We all know how addicting pickleball, but it’s important to listen to your body! Don’t push yourself; if you’re injured or feeling sore, take a few days to recover. All of our bodies work differently with it comes to the level of fitness. No need to dive for a ball or try to smash overheads if your body can’t handle it. There’s a chance that it could result in you not playing pickleball for more than a few days!


Fluid loss happens for a variety of different reasons, such as intensity, sweating, temperature, and altitude. An athlete should drink half their body weight in ounces of water when being active! It is also important to remember that hydrating should begin even before you start working out! Don’t forget about electrolyte supplements that can also help you start hydrated Our go-to electrolyte is Hydrant!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When you’re on the pickleball courts, you most likely don’t have much to worry about that will affect play. However, you have to be sure that you’re aware of the people around you and equipment on the ground to make sure that you do not fall or get hurt. Another thing to mention is that weather may be another issue to look out for! You should never go on a court if it’s wet. You may fall and get hurt – which may not allow you to play for a few months!


The last thing that you should keep in mind is making sure that your body is ready for the games you’re playing. Off-court stretches will help warm up the body to help to prevent cramps and injuries. Pickleball may not be the most dangerous sport, but there are always safety concerns that you should take into consideration before getting on to the courts!


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