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The Ultimate 2020 Pickleball Gift Guide

By Paige Powers, Marketing Coordinator |
As pickleball players, we may consider that most wonderful time of the year to be when we can be on the courts, playing hours of pickleball outside. Some of us may be traveling to warmer areas this winter, others may be player indoors (if possible) or some of us may be taking a break. This month, we’re providing the ultimate gift guide for the holiday season to make sure you’re ready to get back on the courts!  Whether it’s a new paddle, court equipment, training or recovery, we have got you covered by providing you the best gifts for giving (or getting) this holiday season!  

Pickleball Paddles

Our NeuCore paddles make great gifts for both beginners and advanced players! Each paddle features an increased cell size and core depth to help enhance predictability and responseAll paddles are finished off with the GAMMA Signature Honeycomb Grips. 
  • Hellbender - $149.99: The newest paddle in the GAMMA NeuCore line comes equipped with a huge sweet spot for and is designed with a large head to pull energy through your shots. The Hellbender weighs in at about 7.6 ounces and has a textured graphite hitting surface. 
  • Jester - $109.99: With less rounded corners, the Jester grants you a large playable surface even though it is the smallest traditional shaped paddle in the NeuCore line. The textured graphite hitting surface allows for exceptional response, spin and control for every shot. The Jester weighs approximately 7.75 ounces.
  • Legend - $119.99: Featuring a textured fiberglass face, the Legend is the perfect paddle for those power shot. This ~8.0 ounce paddle is the highest in weight in the NeuCore line. This paddle comes in various colors.
  • Shard - $129.99: Looking for the textured graphite version of the Legend? The 7.75 ounce Shard is perfect for the player that is looking for increased spin on their shots. 
  • Compass - $139.99: Finally, the Compass is an elongated paddle in the NeuCore line that features a textured graphite hitting surface. With the extra inch in length, this 7.75 ounce paddle has a balanced feel and enhanced sweet spot stretching the length of the paddle. 

From now until the end of the month, any $100 paddle purchase will receive a free 3-pack of Ugly Sweater Overgrip and Sling Bag while supplies last.  Click here to start shopping!

Court Equipment & Accessories

  • Mini Net - $59.99: If you already have the Portable Pickleball Net, this 10 foot mini net is perfect for practicing at home in your driveway, garage, or living room (don’t tell mom)
  • Pickleballs - $7.99-$99.99: The Photon Indoor and Outdoor Pickleballs are approved for USA Pickleball sanctioned play. Each Photon ball comes in the option of 3, 6 and 60 packs for whatever your frequency of play may be! 
  • Court Markers - $54.99No court nearby? No problem! Our court line markers help lay down the lines for a pickleball court, anywhere. 
  • Grips - starting at $3.99: As winter is among us, and pickleball slows down in some locations, It's the perfect time to refresh your paddle. Whether you need a new grip or just a fresh overgrip, GAMMA has a variety of styles and colors to fit your needs. Grip is also great inexpensive gift for all your pickleball pals!
  • Backpack - $79.99: The GAMMA backpack is a large backpack with plenty of storage to feel all of your items when heading to the court. The two large compartments can fit up to four pickleball paddles, and a change of clothes. Pockets on each side are perfect for your favorite on-court drink and pickleballs. Finally, there are two accessory pockets for additional storage.  

Training Equipment

  • Cones - $7.99-$34.99: GAMMA offers a variety of different cones, such as disc, domes, court spots, and target cones to help practice with on-court drills or off-court training.
  • Speed Ladder - $29.99: There’s no doubt that footwork is important in pickleball. The GAMMA Speed Ladder is ideal for developing foot speed, quickness, balance and coordination.
  • Fit Lights - starting at $79Lights aren’t just for the tree anymore! Off-court training is important to stay fit when you aren’t able to get on the pickleball courts. These fit lights are a great way to practice speed and agility for getting to the ball.
  • Ball Machines - starting at $699: You can drill without a partner using a pickleball ball machine. Many machines offer different speeds, with some up to 65 mph! Visit Pickleball Central to shop the variety of machines.
  • Workout Mat - price variesOne way to prevent pickleball-related injuries is strength training. No need to worry about a hard surface with a workout mat to help with ab workouts, yoga, and even recovery stretching
  • Target Zones - $29.99: Looking to increase your pickleball skills? The Target Zones book is a compilation of 50 field-tested competitive games that emphasize the tactical elements and technical skills needed for successful play. 


  • Massage Guns - price varies: There’s no doubt that long hours on the courts can leave you with a bit of soreness. Using a massage gun is very similar to deep tissue massage and easy to use. These guns can pinpoint specific areas releasing fluids and tension in no time at all! 
  • Massage Rollers/Balls - price varies: Want the benefits of massage gun, but don’t want to break the bank? Massage Rollers and Balls have the same effect as the guns, but do require a bit more manually work to release tensions in those sore spots. 
  • Compression Therapy Unit - price varies: These units started out to be primarily used by personal trainers and physical therapists, but now are available to everyone. Compression therapy reduces pain and swelling in injuries, like sprains, strains and tears. 


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