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Sapphire: The Next Evolution in Tennis String

At GAMMA, we're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in tennis strings: Sapphire. This new addition to our line-up is great for intermediate to advanced players looking for precision, power and spin in their game.

What Makes Sapphire Unique?

Sapphire is not just another tennis string. It's a round polyester string that stands out with its vibrant blue color and unique features designed to improve your game. Here's what makes Sapphire special:

  • Controlled Precision: Hit your spots with confidence. Sapphire provides unparalleled control, allowing you to place your shots exactly where you want them.
  • Power: Experience explosive power with every stroke. Sapphire's construction boosts your ability to generate speed and force, making your shots more impactful.
  • Spin: Master the spin game. Sapphire's design allows for incredible spin potential, giving you the edge over your opponents with high topspin and tricky slices.

Why Choose a Round Polyester String?

Sapphire is designed to be easier to string and offers well-rounded playability. Adding a round string to your racquet can provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Consistent Performance: Round strings maintain their performance longer, giving you a consistent feel throughout the lifespan of the string.
  • Ease of Stringing: The round shape makes Sapphire easier to string, reducing the hassle and time spent on restringing your racquet. 

Eco-Friendly Innovation

We're not just focused on improving your game; we're also committed to protecting the environment. Sapphire features an additive that speeds up the degradation process in landfills, making it a more eco-friendly choice for players who care about their impact on the planet. 

"An increase in feel, pocketing, spin, and control while having an overall sensation of being able to swing bigger with confidence."

- 5.0 Player

Improve Your Game with Sapphire

Whether you're an intermediate player looking to progress or an advanced player seeking that extra edge, Sapphire is the perfect choice. Its combination of precision, power, and spin will help you improve your game and dominate the court.


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